Management Massage

Human beings of our age incur damages to the ecosystem day by day which are sometimes impossible to compensate. We, all, should be concerned about the future of our country or the world environment.
Old tires are among the main problems in our environment, and many researchers of the world tire industry are studying the ways to reuse such tires. Since the last century, the advanced industrial countries have emphasized reproduction of the used tires, so that a new branch appeared in tire manufacturing industry under the title ‘retreading’ or tire recycling. In this process, exactly the same materials for new tires are applied on the rebuild body of the used tire in order to prevent any waste in the tire main body (which comprises 65% of its value) and also it’s being left in environment and many further dangers.
Such tires do not differ from new tires in view of production method. They are allowed to be offered in consumption markets of the world with full safety. 35% of total consumption of the U.S tire market belongs to recycled tires. Since early 60’s, this industry has been paid more attention and support by the government and now we observe daily increase in exploiting this industry.
In Ken tire industrial complex, we have the honor to be the pioneer of this industry in the country. The diversity of our marginal products has brought us to the level that besides general services to our country nation, we are able to supply our colleagues’ demands in this industry for ready rib in particular and rubber compounds and other items in general.
We believe using recycled goods to save ecosystem and prevent waste of national resources which is deemed as an intellectual growth and high cultural level of any society.