Kentire Sales offices

1- Tabriz Direct Sales Office (Tabriz-Miyaneh Way Police) - Mr. Nader Nejadakbari
Tabriz - 14km old road Tehran - facing the police station of Tabriz - Miyaneh
Phone: 09149040489 - 04136300306

2- Tabriz Direct Sales Office (Saeed Abad) - Mr. Goli Ahmadzadeh
Tabriz - 15 km of Tehran road - 300 meters away to Saeed Abad gas station
Phone: 09904340766 - 04136307355

3- Tabriz Direct Sales Office (Dizel Abad) - Mr. Alireza Alizadeh
Tabriz - Dizel Abad II - next to the Habashi warehouse
Phone: 09358105349 - 04134482431

4- Sufian Direct Sales Office - Mr. Jaber Nejadakbari
Tabriz road to Sufian - not reaching the cargo terminal - Tabriz commercial complex - Second shop
Phone: 09142443859 - 04132464035

5- Bostan Abad Direct Sales Office - Mr. Shahin Ahmadzadeh
Bsoatan Abad - Azadegan Bol - Next of the Office of Registration and Property - Opposite Azadi Stadium
Phone: 09149161610 - 04143337706
Fax: 04143334957

6- Tehran Direct Sales Office (Islamshahr - Saveh Road) - Mr. Bahraminia
Tehran - Ayatollah Saeedi - Kilometer 12 (Shatireh) - Abdollahi Rad Garage (Iraj Garage)
Phone: 02155281092 - 09123071802

7- Tehran Direct Sales Office - Mr. Bahramini
Tehran - Shoush Square - Rey Avenue - Corner of Imam Musa Sadr Street - No. 83
Phone: 02133568091 - 09123071802
Fax: 02133125457

8-  Zanjan Direct Sales Office - Mr. DolatAli Norouzi
Zanjan - Khayyam belt - After the Palestine square (End of Babayan) - The ironmongers
Phone: 09126417141 - 02433553437

9- Mashhad Direct Sales Office - Mr. Seyed Javad Miryazdi
Mashhad - Koushesh Street - Between 27 and 29 Koushesh - Rubber stings for Mehr Reza
Phone: 09155147361 - 05133439797

10- Isfahan Direct Sales Office - Mr. Hossein Zamani and Mr. Mohammad Davatger
Esfahan - Amir Kabir Street - Parto Avenue - Iran Insurances - Tehran Tire Store
Phone: 09133252026 - 03133785333

11-. Kermanshah Direct Sales Office - Mr. Jahangir Azizi
Kermanshah - Ashayer Blvd - Hakim Nezami Street - No. 20
Phone: 09183857837 - 08318249225

What does KEN stand for?

Ken is originated from Azeri literature and means leather or rubber patch. Concerning the process of tread rubber, and the place of ken tire factory in Tabriz, this nomination appears a suitable selection for this robust complex of producing retreaded tire.

What is the difference between retreaded tire and new tires?

No difference is found in life time and safety degree. Only the price of the retreaded ones is 40-50% cheaper.

What is Tire casing?

It means the used (fiat) tires that passed all testing steps successfully and are ready to be retread.

How many times is a tire capable of being retreaded?

It can be done 2 to 3 times with hot method, and 4 to 5 times with cold one if it doesn’t have any defaults in initial structure that prevent retreading during several periods of consumption cycle.

What are the differences between hot and cold retreading?

In hot method, the rubber compound is wrapped over ready tire casing as pulley ribbon. After a certain time, it is vulcanized in presses with high temperature and its figure and pattern is shaped during the vulcanization time.
In cold process, the tread rubber that has been already cured and prepared, is applied on Tire casing. After a certain time, it is cured in special autoclave with low temperature.

What are the guarantees for kentire retreaded tires?

The produced tires by ken tire industrial complex are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of production provided that the consumption rate doesn’t exceed 100%. Then, by computing the consumption rate and its cost, a new retreaded tire with the same size is delivered to the consumer.

What are the cases excluded from guarantee terms?

⦁  Using in front axis (steering wheel).
⦁  Not observing allowed load and passengers.
⦁  Not observing allowed and safe speed.
⦁  Not observing same design and mark in one axis.
⦁  Driving with punctured tire.
⦁  Breaking down of bead tire.
⦁  Non-existence of Ken Tire label on a tire.

Is the production date a criterion to confirm retreading process on Tire casing?

The main criterion is Tire casing current and apparent condition which should be accepted if met. However, the following conditions should also be considered the expansion coefficient rate which is made standard by competent authorities and Tire casing apparent status which is accepted or returned after initial service of new tire. In later series which a used retreaded tire casing is for second or third time in process to be retreaded, the same maintains conditions should be considered.

For which vehicles are the hot retreaded tires suitable?

The type of retreading and depth of various shapes of such tires have made them suitable for all cars and all roads. Its technical detail and specifications are given as a table in the features section of the selected tire. However, the vehicles used on hard rock roads and in mines had better be equipped with the tires retreaded with hot method.

For which vehicles are the cold retreaded tires suitable?

Due to the type of retreading method and structure of the precured tread used in cold retreading, this method is suitable for all radial tires, and very useful for the cars driven in highways and asphalt roads.

What should be done when the retreaded tire is damaged?

The damaged tires are required to be fully delivered to the related sales representative for further send to the factory. After inspecting by quality control experts, the results will be advised to the sales representative within 48 hours in written. Ken Tire shall bear transfer charges of damaged tires from all over the country to the factory site.

What kinds of compound can you produce?

Master and final as per customers’ formulation.

How are used tires supplied in Kentire Industrial Complex?

⦁  Collecting through all representatives of Ken Tire Industrial Complex in Iran.
⦁  Providing Tire casing from wholesalers and retailers.
⦁  Supplying and buying through organs, organizations and tenders.

What are the Tire casings not accepted in testing step?

Selecting used tires (Tire casings) is very crucial.
The defaults that make Tire casing unacceptable for retreading are as follows:
Casing ply separation, damaged internal and external sidewalls, threadbare and cutting (fatal Tire casing), deep cracks on Tire casing sidewalls, liner burning, bead area breaking down, cutting of textile and wires, not repairing the tire by customers …
It should be noted that after initial selection of Tire casing and bringing it to the factory, inspection and testing division re-examine it with computerized testing machine and if confirmed enters it into production cycle. Chinese and some Iranian tires are generally rejected due to their weak body. All bias (textile) tires up to 1200-24 and radial (all steel) ones up to 385/65R22.5 are included in selection.

What are the conditions for proper usage of car tires?

Guide for proper usage of tires
The following points are recommended for longer life and better function of your tires, and for preventing probable events:

Fitting the tire properly

⦁  Make sure rim and tire are matched in size
⦁  Since scratching or bending of rim due to shock should be prevented. For easy fitting never use oily lubricants, but you may use water and soap specially in fitting tubeless radial tires. Applying hammer to take out or fit the tire will damage the tire bead and rim.
⦁ Damaging tire bead due to wrong fitting of tire on the rim may causes air to be penetrated into tire plys causing ply separation and the body to be bulged. To prevent this default, great care should be taken during fitting the tire not to damage tire bead.
⦁  Rim balance is very important. To gain a reasonable balance, the heaviest part of the tire should be placed beside the lightest part of the rim. Unbalanced tires affect the motion quality and decrease tire life time.

Proper selection and fitting of tube and flipper

If the car has tubed tires, the following points should be notices:
⦁  Tube and flipper dimensions should match tire and rim. An outworn tube or an improper flipper may create sever troubles for tire. Since the proper function of tube depends on its valve proper efficiency, a tube which has been used for a while is not as efficient as a new one even in the appearance is fully sound. Therefore, new tube and flipper should be used when fitting a new retreaded or non-retreaded tire
⦁  Before placing the tube inside the tire, make sure the tube and the tire inside are fully dry and clean. Clean the tube surface softly and apply talk powder on its surface. Never pour talk powder inside the tire
⦁  Any damage to tube leads to tire damage.

In the following states, tube may also be damaged by flipper
⦁  When the flipper width is not proper with tire size and rim width
⦁  When a worn-out or damaged flipper is re-used
⦁  When flipper edges are bitten by rim during fitting and mounting the tire
As mentioned above, before mounting the tire on the rim, make sure that flipper edges are properly laied on the flat internal surface without any shrinkage.

In the following cases may lead to tube biting
⦁  Ignorance and incapability in fitting the tire on the rim
⦁  Improper fitting of the tire (in view of its center) in a ducted rim (with a cavity in the middle of the rim) in truck tires
⦁  Not using flipper in multi-piece rims

Proper setting of tire air pressure
Drivers should follow the recommended air pressure by car manufacturing factories. The recommendations are stamped on the car door edge or dashboard as a label or are presented to the car owner as an instruction manual.
Adjustment of tire air pressure is very significant in both its duration, function and preventing of tire-related accidents, proper air pressure cause less fuel consumption. Therefore, the following points should be considered:
a) Tire air should always be set in cold status (20-25°C ambient temperature) and before car movement
b) Use a proper pressure gauge, preferably a new one.
c) If the tire is warm (temperature is high or the car has run over 20km) avoid deflating extra air of the tire.
d) Tire air pressure should be always set in accordance with car load. When the load is full, the tire air pressure should be set at its maximum standard in cold state, and the carving on the tire sidewall should be noticed. The following figure shows the effect of air pressure on the contact of tire rib surface with roads and its uneven abrasion.

Load distribution effect on the tire function
Controlling imposed load on tires and preventing extra pressure on some of them through proper loading is very important. If the car load isn’t placed in the middle of load shield, the imposed load becomes more in one side than the other side particularly causes impose of huge load on the tires of one side on the road curves, this incur damages on the tires.